"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" Leonardo da Vinci

Timeless elegance and discrete shape, this is how architect Monica Gasperini’ s style can be defined. Her work is characterized by a personal language hiding a simplified complexity. Her architectural and design projects could look minimal while they are the result of an accurate research of new technologies and materials. Her projects aim at catching the essence of things, giving an harmonic shape to functional structures, using volumes as an aesthetical shape that is meant to be useful but modern and attractive at the same time. Her research is focused on contemporary elegance, melting professionalism and expertise with her passion for art and fashion, bringing her to experiment new materials and colors’ proposals. Her architectural cabinet has been working for years on residential projects, hotels and health spa, as well as exhibition stands, fashion retail design, renovation of industrial spaces transformed into lofts and showrooms, design of spaces for professional use (labs and offices). Her whole work is characterized by a light mark and always neat and functional volumes.